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Why Pollakov & Duke?


Pollakov & Duke is the culmination of Duke Benefits Insurance, Developmental Insurance Agency, and SFG Insurance Benefits, making it one of the largest health insurance companies in San Diego.  The combination of all of the best aspects of each company has allowed Pollakov & Duke to create a health isurance service model like no other in the industry:


There is NO CHARGE for any services from Pollakov & Duke.  We are fully dedicate to creating the best customer experience possible.  It is that dedication to our clients that has allowed Pollakov & Duke to maintain one of the highest retention rates across the industry.  The root of Pollakov & Duke's great reputation lies in the Individualized Service we offer to all of our clients which includes:


  • All services are performed by one of our highly-skilled team members, not machines

  • Requoting all of our cases every year to get you the BEST RATE

  • COMPARE and QUOTE indivisual rates under Covered California

  • Advising on TAX STRATEGIES based on government subsodies and ever-changing tax laws

  • Connecting with DOCTORS YOU WANT to make sure they are available in your network

  • Finding the BEST Solution for any health insurance situation you may be in.


Please feel free to reach out to experience our personal, individualized service for yourself!

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